Products Change Monthly

Our boxes are curated with a mix of quality products from large, well known brands to niche sports brands with unique products.

- Training Aids

- Gear & Accessories

- Collectibles & Swag

- Snacks & more!!  

We strive to get at least $35 in retail value in each box of quality products! The unique, surprise mix helps us be the Perfect Gift for Kids who Love Sports! 

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 Customized by Age & Sport

- Differences in the assortment based on the sport selected  

- Most months there will be a couple items that vary based age group

- Similar snacks & sport specific collectibles  

Some months can have similar items across age groups within a sport or training aids that are appopriate across multiple sports. 

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 Some of our boxes! 

Power Play Box 

Gridiron Box

Hoops Box


Q: When will boxes ship each month? Subscription Boxes ship out between the 20th and 25th of each month. If you place a new subscription order after the 25th then your first order will ship the following month.  We sometimes will have  extra inventory so email us at to request an immediate shipment.

Q: How much is shipping? Shipping is FREE on subscription boxes shipping to the U.S. Those going to Canada are $12.99/box. Most of our one-time boxes are $3.99/box though shipping on those products does vary and is noted on the product pages. 

Q: Can I make changes to my subscription as my child gets older or I want to try a different sport?  Yes, the subscription can be updated as needed when your child moves up to the next level of play, you want to change your box type to another sport or any other change on your subscription. You can login to your account and update as needed. Please note that any changes made will go into effect upon your next renewal so it will not always reflect on your next shipment.  You can email us at and we can assist you with updates any time!       

Q: When will I be charged for my renewal?  Subscriptions will renew according to your selected  preference (monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months).  Your card will  be charged the last day of the month for each renewal period based on  your selected frequency.  If you buy a gift subscription and don't want it to renew simply email us and we will set the subscription to expire after the initial term.                

Q: What is the difference between subscription boxes and One-Time Boxes?    Our One-Time Boxes differ from our  subscription boxes in that there is no theme to the products in the box nor is there a tip/drill card.  If you ordered one-time boxes they can all be the same or completely different. One-time boxes make a great birthday or any occasion gift and are a fun surprise for any young athlete.  Also, our One-time boxes will ship within 2 business days of your order while our subscription boxes ship between the 20th and 25th of each month.                                                  

Q: Can I get a group discount if I am  planning to buy a large quantity of subscriptions or one-time boxes for a team or larger number of kids?  Yes, for any larger subscription or one-time orders please contact us to discuss your order size and we can work with you to provide a discounted rate. We can also customize large orders to just about any budget as long as we have a few weeks lead time. Emails us at to find out what we can do for your needs.                            

Q: Can my subscription be canceled?    The short answer is Yes.  As much as we want all our customer's and more importantly the kids to love their Sports Boxes and look forward to it each month, we realize that  cancellations will be requested.  To cancel you must do so prior to the 5th of the month.  Since monthly renewals renew on the last day of the month; you can still decide to cancel and if by the 5th you can request a refund for the recent renewal.  For the multi month renewals you cancel anytime but will get your remaining boxes.

Contact us anytime at or call us at 203-693-1836

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